Guide: How to earn on internet 50 USD every day!!

What i need for earning money?

  You need just computer and internet. Next you will need many of your patience and time. You will not get rich over night.

  Also is necessary to be active every day. In case of lack of time, You will need just 15 mins daily. You do not need to invest absolutely nothing from own money, so you have time to earn more than USD 50 (but inserting their own money you will speed it up). If you persevere and endure, the reward will be sweet :-)

You go into it? Do You want know more informations about?... Yes?
.... Okay, continue read.

What's going on?

  You will earn with NeoBux company.

  • NeoBux Company works well since 2008.
  • They are among the largest and oldest in the industry.
  • Daily paid its members more than 100 000 USD!
  • There are over 20 million registered users on the world.
  • Every day registers over 11,000 new people.

Registration is free, payouts start at 2 USD to internet wallets PayPal,Payza or Neteller.

How will I earn?

  Exact Strategy, how to proceed step by step, I will explain on next page, when we discuss the basics.

  Exists 3 species of earnings, briefly introduce them and then come back to every detail.

1) Your own activity

  Clicking on the ads of other users and thereby earn. Alternatively, you fulfill duties paid (Offers) - tasks are optional and do not need them. This activity, of course, not earn those 50 USD per day. But it is the basis of every day a minimum, all you have to click all yellow "Fixed Advertisements" (mandatory, guaranteed and fixed advertising). At the beginning you have only 4, so perhaps each of you can do it or not? However, I recommend click other advertising, but it is always necessary click Yellow Fixed! If non clicked all Fixed, you will not get next day nothing from their referrals!

2) Rented Referrals

  This activity will provide a substantial part of the promised rewards. Simply rent from NeoBux other people (rented referral) and then these people are working for you. Unlike other click systems are referrals in NeoBux real people, not robots. NeoBux had redeems direct referrals and then rent to others.

3) Direct Referrals

  Of course you can look for our own people under you and have an income from direct referrals. It is not necessary because the commissions are smaller than leased. The advantage is that you do not pay rent for them. Profits from direct referrals are higher after upgrade account to Golden.

  To sum it up, Your Earnings are dependent on how well you behave in administration of rented referrals. With this manual is it easily handle.
On next page you will find recommended guide (strategy) how to proceed.

Your Own Activity + Basis

Getting Started with NeoBux - Registration

  Register Here. Everyone can have only 1 account and also the IP address is controlled. That's why I do not recommend logging on at work or at another public place, where there is, you might sign another user. It will ask you and PayPal / Payza account, but if you do, you can insert it later.

Getting Started with NeoBux - 15 day trial period

  You can first 15 days in NeoBux just click on ads or do tasks (Offers). You can not rent referrals and can not gain direct referrals! It's a trial period where NeoBux tests you. You should be active every day. For lack of time, at least click yellow "Fixed Advertisements", which are 4. Other ads is also less. Earnings not much, but do not give up and hold it.

  So that you can obtain referrals, you must still comply with the condition at least 100 viewed ads. Therefore, I recommend clicking on all ads during the first 15 days.

  Caution - server time of NeoBux is different. On his page, with advertisements you have the time, which will restart ads. So we need to click always to this reboot.

How to click od ads
Menu View Advertisements + color grids with number of ads

  After logging in, click in the menu on "View Advertisements". You will see ads available on which you can click. You can also click on the colored square with a numeral next to menu "View Advertisements". Individual categories are color-coded, but it does not solve much. The main are yellow "Fixed" and the rest of the ad is voluntary.

Yellow fixed ads that you have to click every day!


After clicking on the header of ads you will see a red circle. Click on it and a new browser window will then open advertisement. Wait until the timer expires (loading a yellow stripe down) and up coasts, appears at the top of the window info obtained sum and "close" to close the window. Click on ad To confirm that you are not a robot, confirm by clicking on the red circle.

  With every ad showing you not only cash, but also automatically 1x NeoPoints and 3x AdPrize.

The timer ran, counted money and you received the package (1x NeoPoints and 3x AdPrize)

AdPrize - You have 3 points, click on 3 and try your luck.

  AdPrize It is an additional (optional) game. You can find it on the page with the other advertisements. Once you receive AdPrize points, then you have 90 minutes for their utilization. After clicking on the numeral AdPrize you will see the ad. After completion of the timer, click "Next" and then "Close".

  From time to time you can win cash, NeoPoints (probably the most common payout) or even Golden membership (in price 90 USD). It's not compulsory and you do not play.

Unfortunately you did not win, click on next (Next)
You won 0,25 USD


  NeoPoints are points that reward activity by NeoBux. These points can be use instead of cash when paying eg. in recycling / extension rented referrals (recommended). Points can also get in performing tasks (Offers).

  You can get NeoPoints points:

  • 1 NeoPoints for every viewed ad.
  • For doing offers (Offers NeoPoints).
  • Win in game AdPrize.

Video is avaible

  Yet here you can meet so. NeoCoin points. They get three ways, either in fulfillment of a task (NeoCoin Offers) or for viewed video (appears irregularly during a day). In addition, these points even get out of their (direct) referrals (20% - provided, however, that a referral is registered at least 1 month)

  NeoCoin points are then 1x per month converted to cash. The more points you earn in a month, the better your relationship will - see table with examples.

  • 2,500 NeoCoins = $0.8 for every 1000 NeoCoins = $2
  • 5,000 NeoCoins = $1.0 for every 1000 NeoCoins = $5
  • 10,000 NeoCoins = $1.1 for every 1000 NeoCoins = $11
  • 20,000 NeoCoins = $1.2 for every 1000 NeoCoins = $24
  • 30,000 NeoCoins = $1.3 for every 1000 NeoCoins = $39
  • 40,000 NeoCoins = $1.4 for every 1000 NeoCoins = $56
  • 60,000 NeoCoins = $1.5 for every 1000 NeoCoins = $90
  • 80,000 NeoCoins = $1.6 for every 1000 NeoCoins = $128
  • 100,000 NeoCoins = $1.7 for every 1000 NeoCoins = $170

  NeoCoin gaining points is entirely voluntary and you do not do it.

AdAlert - addon for browser
AdAlert - 1 new ad

  If you want during the day as much as possible to click ads, I suggest you install the add-on to the browser. When you see the new ad, you'll know immediately. AdAlert supplement is called a reference, please visit NeoBux bottom right footer. It is available for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Explorer.

  Addon will be visible at the top right - only 1 icon. In the picture you can see how it looks in a browser when there is 1 new ad.

Rented Referrals

Rented referrals = way to bigger profits

  That right spices for NeoBux are Rented referrals. You do not have to painstakingly look for the people under him. If you understand how the system works Rented referrals, you have won. After 15 days (and click 100 ads) can be rented first referrals. They are available in packets (3, 5, 10, 15 and 100 pieces). You should only receive active referrals (which passed a 15-day test). Other referrals can be rented for 7 days (just for Standard Account).

  Read the recommended strategy (see below), buy referrals for more than 1/3 of their cash! It should have the cash to manage referrals!

How much rented referral earns?

  You have profits from clicks on Yellow Fixed ads! Because they are for standard account available 4 ads, can you bring referral 1 maximally 4 clicks daily. In theory may have even more (if you clicked on expensive advertising, but they occur very infrequently). Neobux only rent referrals with Standard membership when you're at the level of the Standard.

  Because in a Standard Account you have profit 0,005 USD for click, you can gain 0,02 USD / daily. ie. for 30 days 0,6 USD. When you subtract the cost of buying $0.2 then you have a net profit of $0.4. This is an ideal situation, in reality, you will have less profit. Then it also depends on the rental price.

Overview Rented referrals - color coded according to AVG, green pays off yellow too mathematically, rather than red.

  NeoBux has worked nicely interface for referrals, where do you see as the active and how much is left to the end of its lease. You can make your own color filter can also be used flags at its discretion and your understanding.

  The table is an important figure AVG (ie clickable average) and time since last clicks (last click). About a day before the expiry of the lease, look at the last clicked. If more than five days, not worth extended. It should also be taken into account AVG, mathematically it pays to 1.34, but what you leave, it depends on your strategy.

  The average of daily clicks or AVG is calculated as follows in profits:

  • AVG 4 ... 4 clicks x 0,005 USD x 30 days = 0,6 USD
  • AVG 2 ... 2 clicks x 0,005 USD x 30 days = 0,3 USD
  • AVG 1,34 ... 1,34 clicks x 0,005 USD x 30 days = 0,201 USD
  • AVG 1,33 ... 1,33 clicks x 0,005 USD x 30 days = 0,1995 USD

  Since it is necessary to deduct the rental fee, ie initially $0.2.

  Suppose you reach the maximum for standard account ie you have 300 referrals with AVG 2.3. Then you will earn a monthly 2.3 x 0.005 x 30 x 300 = $103.50 (minus the rental price). This is a nice start or not? Then once upgrade into account Golden, with the same earn twice as much, ie 207 USD (per click because you get 0.01 instead of $0.005). So you have 150 USD profits monthly (already counted rent)...

Main Balance and Rental Balance

  On your account, you have two types of financial accounts (at Main and Rental Balance Balance). It is important to understand what it is using.

Main Balance

  • From here you can send profits out of NeoBux.
  • Here accumulate earnings from your clicks on ads
  • There attribute profits from referrals.
  • Attention from this account to pay a fee of expiration rented referrals! Do not forget.

Rental Balance

  • From this account you can not physically withdraw money! Used to pay for services NeoBux.
  • Here you can transfer the money from the Main Balance or paste directly from PayPal, Payza, Neteller.
  • From there pay rent referrals.
  • From there, the extension referrals.
  • and recycling referrals.
  • and also AutoPay.

  Rental Balance money to convert simply that in the "Summary" click on the blue plus for Rental Balance. You will see a menu where you want to transfer money, select, confirm and so on.

Převod do Rental Balance

Price for Referral Rent

  The price for rent up to 250 referrals is $0.2 for 30 days. Then the price increases - see the table below (the price is always 30 days).

ReferralsMonthly feeAutoPay
0 -> 250$0.20$0.0057
251 -> 500$0.21$0.0060
501 -> 750$0.22$0.0062
751 -> 1000$0.23$0.0065
1001 -> 1250$0.24$0.0068
1251 -> 1500$0.25$0.0071
1501 -> 1750$0.26$0.0074
more than 1750$0.27$0.0077

Price for extend referral rent

  Price for an extension based on the table above. However, you can get a discount if referral to extend for a longer period of time, or if you use Autopay. Never extend the referral only 15 days. Always at least 30 days and if you earn, extend it for at least 3 months.

AutoPay15 days30 days60 days90 days150 days240 days

  If you have enough NeoPoints use it and pay for the extension with these points. When paying, the system will automatically offer this option, if possible.

How Autopay Work?

  I recommend using AutoPay feature only if you have a little time to manually manage referrals and then a larger amount of referrals (ie after upgrade into account Golden). Although there is a discount of 15 percent, but usually it will pay off.

  It works so that the monthly rental price is divided by 30 (ie. 0,2 / 30 = 0,0057 USD), ie. get a price for 1 day.If the referral of the day click least 1 yellow fixed advertising, pulls you that AutoPay fee and extend the rental referral 1 day .

  AutoPay is always for the entire account. You can not set it up just for some referrals. Applies, however, only referrals that you have hired for more than 20 days. Set simple summary page with rented referrals at the top (AutoPay: Enabled / Disable)

The maximum amount of rented referrals

  You start with a standard account, you can then have at one time more than 300 rented referrals. More information about the accounts we will talk later.


Other fees associated with the administration of rented referrals

  In addition to the charges already mentioned still need to know that you pay each time expiration fee for the referral, which not renew! This fee is 0,02 USD and subtracts from Main Balance.

  If you rented referral earns little or nothing can replace it with another (recycle). Pay for a fee 0,07 USD. To recycle a referral, simply click on the icon associated arrows. You can also recycle multiple referrals at once. Simply by selecting them and then choose the option under the table you want to do.

  Caution, recycling just change for another referral. However, the expiration time will not change. Ie, if you replace 29 days, you will be a new work only one day and then expire if you do not renew it!

  In the event that any rented referral inactive 14 days, NeoBux will replace it for you automatically and for free.

  Attention will also exchanged referral that you click through and see eg. Went for 14 days to leave. To avoid this unwanted exchange, it is necessary that referral lock! This is done by simply clicking on the summary mansion in this referral.

  Both fees are valid for standard and Golden accounts. If upgraded to higher bill, these charges are lower. Likewise, automatic replacement time referral is inactive at higher bills sooner.

Direct referrals, Overview of individual accounts, etc. + A strategy on how to proceed on the next page

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