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Manualsurf - what is it?

  What mean manualsurf and how it work. It is mutually beneficial advertising system for the promotion webpage. You are viewing foreign webpage, to earn credits. Then, you use your earned credits to promote your website (ie. Your site to inspect others). Usually there's a timer (eg. 15s), after which you have to view the page, before moving to the next. Go to the next page, you must manually click, therefore it is called the surf manual.

  There are also known autosurf, among them, however, manual clicks does not (run on the machine). Promoting your website in terms of autosurf is getting real people's zero. Autosurf mainly used to generate traffic of website.


  • EasyHits4U company operates reliably since 2003.
  • Registration is free.
  • They are among the largest and most popular manual surfboards in the world.
  • There is registered more than 1,000,000 users worldwide.
  • In addition, you promotes webpages, you moreover earn USD, because EasyHits4U Will be credit to your account 0,3 USD for every 1000 viewed websites! It is actually also earnings on the Internet :-)
  • Payouts are made to PayPal and Payza, minimal payout is 3 USD.
  • With free membership you can maximally view ca. 310 pages, which can be about 2-3 watch handle. You can, however, see pages less, there's no mandatory limit.
  • You can choose timer 15 seconds (you will gain 0,5 credit) or 20 seconds (you will gain 1 credit). Valid for free membership (at paid membership you have 1 credit for 15s).
  • Your page will be displayed to another user only 1x in 24 hours, that is ideal for unique traffic to your site.
  • Your site can view all or you can set display only eg. In the Czech Republic!
  • In addition, you can promote here graphic banners or text ads.
  • Perfect are every day bonuses at seeing 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 pages.... button will appear, and when you click on it you get for example free credits (for web or banners), lottery tickets (every day he runs the draw where you can win extra credits or cash.) etc. If upgrade on paid memberships can be acquired cash as bonus (above 350 viewed pages)
  • A new feature is the so-called extra income. Offers menus that are familiar from other click systems.
  • Nice referral system to grade 5: 10%-5%-3%-2%-1% (credits from scanned pages + a one-time referral bonus of 0.10 USD when inspecting 100 pages)

Registration into EasyHits4U

  Register for free by clicking here.

Definitely I recommend it to everyone. Well you promote your site and additionally for every 1,000 page views you get 0,3 USD!

How to view sites in EasyHits4U

  You can choose 2 timers, you can choose at will:

You can choose 2 timers

  After completion of the timer to zero, it is necessary to confirm that you are human and not clicking on the image that is there 2x. Once upon a time there also appears simple math problem and select the correct answer.

Click on the image, which occurs twice

  After watching 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300... pages will appear on the screen bonus message and click the button "Claim Your Prize Now" , so you get the bonus. How many pages left before the next bonus timer see below (eg: Surf 47 more to get your bonus).

In order to get a bonus, click on

  And soon you will learn what you are getting. Here I need 40 credits earned on banners. It is logical that the prizes are bigger with higher number of page views per day.

Yippee, I won my 40 credits for banners

  If you get tickets, do not do anything, the draw takes place automatically (on reboot, ie at 9 am our time). If you win, you get info e-mail and win you added to your account. I no longer need to be won 1 USD :-)

  Sometimes you happen to forget to click "Claim Your Prize Now" and instead click on the picture above, you hold this bonus missed, I do that too sometimes happens :-)